domingo, junho 13, 2010

25 most "liveable cities" 2º a Monocle Magazine

E o 25º lugar vai para... Lisboa.
Para saber mais, ler aqui o artigo de Tyler Brûlé no Financial Times deste fim-de-semana.
Para aguçar a curiosidade, alguns pedaços:

"Having taken a hard look at 40 cities, cut the list to 35 and then down to 30, it wasn’t easy to rank the top five as some are considerably smaller than others and have the advantage of cosy scale over sprawling mass. "

"Now in its fourth year, the survey takes a slightly different tack on ranking the best cities to call home using measurements that go beyond the basics of crime statistics and cost of living such as hours of sunshine, ease of setting up a business and global connectivity (direct, non-stop flights). For 2010 it took a look at what mayors have in store for their citizens, factoring in big infrastructure initiatives on the horizon and also how diverse a city’s streetscape is in terms of independent retailers and restaurants – too many chain stores and a city lost points. "


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